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Frequently Asked Questions


Tommy Gerace performing in 2013

What is your availability?

My schedule varies, but I typically have two or three days of the week open for lessons. Most days, lessons do not begin until at least 3:00pm, but this can vary from day-to-day and student-to-student. I'll work to find a day and time that fits for you after your registration.

How much do you charge for lessons?

The first lesson is completely free. After that, the charge is $20.00 per class for a 30-minute private lesson, or $40.00 per class for a 60-minute private lesson. This can be paid weekly either before or on the day of the lesson, or in advance in larger increments, usually $80.00 for the next 4 lessons. I only accept cash payments, which includes Venmo. If a student fails to complete a payment before their scheduled lesson begins, no lesson will be given until payment is received.

What is your cancelation/make-up policy?

I do not offer make-up lessons. They're simply too difficult to handle and re-schedule. Instead, if either myself or the student has to cancel a class, any amount paid in advance will be credited to the next lesson. You don't ever pay for a class that doesn't happen, period. 

What is your refund policy?

No refunds will be given at any time. If a student ends lessons completely with payment still in advance, no refund will be issued. 

What do I need to bring to my lesson?

Just yourself! If you have your own drum sticks, feel free to bring them along. We have plenty of extra sticks laying around if you happen to forget or not have any yourself. We are a drum school, after all.


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