Hear for yourself. Students and parents who love Drum Lessons Jamestown.

T.R. McKotch
Renowned local instructor/musician of 25+ years
Tommy is a top-shelf drum educator and performer, who studied with me for 16 years. Tommy started to apprentice teaching under me at age 13, going into public schools teaching West African-style hand drumming to classes of kids. He's extremely well-versed in many styles of drumming and drum education. Tommy would be my first choice for drum and percussion lessons!
Shelby Snow
Current student, owner of Echo Music
I've had an amazing experience taking lessons with Tommy for the past 6 years. He's very dedicated to his students, and he always caters the lessons towards the student's goals and aspirations. When I had an audition to get into college, Tommy made himself available to help me prepare. I have seen a tremendous improvement in my drumming. I highly recommend Tommy for drum lessons.
Sam Eimiller
Current student
I've taken drum lessons with Tommy for so many years now I've honestly lost count. Through those years, I've learned a multitude of songs and greatly improved my drumming abilities. He excels at breaking down concepts and explaining ideas so that I could fully grasp the material given to me. I would say without a doubt that I would not possess the skills I have on the kit without Tommy.
Kristen McNitt
Parent of current student (Sammy)
Sammy started taking drum lessons at 5 years old. Tommy has been able to hold his enthusiasm about drumming. He has given Sammy great confidence to practice on his own at home. I've seen Sammy's ability to focus grow longer with each class, Sammy has only been drumming for 8 months and is now able to play small amounts of rhythm at just 6 years old.
Cindy Bracken
Former student
      I came to Tommy for drum lessons when I was in my 70’s. Can you imagine the patience and kindness which it took for him to work with such as I? To a fault, he was as nice, tolerant, and encouraging as anyone could be, and of course, very talented. How I looked forward to my afternoons with him and what fun we had as I endeavored to learn to play along with modern songs of which I’d never heard. Tommy would come up with a list of songs which he felt I could master and enjoy, and then I’d pick my favorites.
 He is the best!
Jen Daniels
Parent of former students
My 9 year old daughter LOVED taking drum lessons from Tommy. Not only does he make learning new skills engaging and fun, but he is also extremely gifted at making his students feel seen and valued. She walked away from each lesson with a new fundamental skill to practice, as well as with a confidence that she is capable and an eagerness to practice and grow. We are so thankful for our time at his studio!
Brad Brown
Former student
Drum lessons with Tommy were always the highlight of my week. Tommy has the skillset to make drum lessons fun, engaging, challenging, and effective. My lessons with Tommy helped me grow as a drummer and develop the skills I needed. I've had many different instructors over the years - teaching lessons myself for the past 6 years - and I can say that Tommy is one of the best. He gets my full endorsement and recommendation.
Stephanie Anzalone
Parent of current student (Rilynn)
When I was looking for an instructor for my daughter to play drums, I turned to Drum Lessons Jamestown. She was placed with instructor Tommy Gerace, and it couldn’t of been a better match. I would highly recommend Tommy, not only on the fact he’s an excellent teacher and musician, but also his ability to connect with his students on a level that makes them excited to learn. Tommy’s blend of classic instruction and go-at-your-own-pace style really allows the student to build their confidence organically. In past music lessons, my daughter would end up being burned out too quickly, no longer enjoy lessons. But with Tommy, lessons are fun and engaging. The encouragement and coaching Tommy provides his students is endless. I am so happy my daughter got matched with Tommy and is having fun developing her drum skills and confidence.  
Check out what 
our students are learning!
From early beginners to playing advanced material in well-known songs. The progress our students develop is real, and awesome.

Student Asher Baehr, 8 years old
16th Note Figure Rock Rhythm 

Student Shelby Snow, Drum Cover
How it Feels to be Lost - Sleeping With Sirens

Student Sammy McNitt, 6 years old
Beginner rock rhythm 

Student Rilynn Anzalone, 9 years old
Beginner rock fills

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